Offers for App Developers

The most successful apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are serving their customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with German language used for

  • AppStore description
  • App Instructions
  • App Commands
  • App News

Feedbacks from our users repeat saying, that apps, which are in German language too, are favoured against apps only  in English language. 96 Million people are living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and you can make them happy with using our localization-service for your App.

You can be more succesful too – and we will help you with not only translating, we will redo your  description and instructions in German language for smoother reading and easier understanding. We are journalists with many years of extended experience.

Your first step is to get in contact with us, by example via phone +49 5273 368 225-21 or Mail Lets discuss the possibilities…


6.5 million visitors for in 2012


We are proud to announce that counted more than 6.5 million visitors in 2012. Adding our facebook- and twitter-base and having in mind, that we send out more than a million newsletter-mails we reached around 10 million iPhone- and iPad users with our recommendations.

If you are interested in profiting from this publishing-success for your apps, please contact us. We will be happy to help your app to be more successful in German language markets. Have a look at our bundle-offers at



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